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News - R.I.P Hunter Perry

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

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-Rest In Peace-

 Hunter Perry worked as a part time employee here at Sams Office Furniture and part time at Brunos Pizza on Old Jacksonville. He always had a really great attitude and made friends with every one he spoke with. Hunter wasnt just an employee here at Sams Office Furniture, he was family. He always took the time to make someone feel important and loved even on his worst days. One of his favorite topics to talk about was sports, it didnt matter it was the NFL, NBA, or the World Cup, he could tell you any team or players stats off the top of his head. You could walk in to work and knowing it was going to be a rough day but he would take some time and give you a little pep talk or say something to boost your self esteem up. His lingo was hard to understand at times but you alway sknew his intentions were good and his laugh and smile was genuine. It didnt matter where you were in the warehouse if he laughed you could always distinguish it from across the room. Sadly late tuesday night Hunter passed away and left behind many memories, friends and friendly faces. Hunter you will be missed and no matter who ends up at your desk you will always be "The CEO". Fly high man and we know you are up there looking down on us and no longer dealing with this Texas summer heat.