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News - Sit to Stand Desk, The Future of the Work Place

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Health is something that should concern everyone. We only have one life on this earth and taking certain steps to maintain a happy and healthy life makes total sense. We learn more and more each day about how our bodies react in certain situations, and we have learned as of late, that sitting for the average 6 hours a day is bad for your health. Lead standing desk researcher James Levine of the Mayo Clinic found in a 2011 study that 43,000 cases of colon cancer and 49,000 cases of breast cancer annually are caused by prolonged sitting. Sitting for long periods of time also increases your obesity risk and shortens life expectancy. Another study showed that Americans can increase their life expectancy 2 years by reducing sitting time from the average 6 hours to just 3 hours per day. Who knew that something as simple as sitting for long amounts of time would lead to all of these problems. These are some real reasons to make the switch to a Sit to Stand Desk.

When switching from the standard desk to a Sit to Stand Desk there are some things to keep in mind to make the transition easier. Its important to start slow. Do not try to go from 6 hours of sitting each day to no time sitting at all. Start with 20-minute increments and add time as you get more comfortable with the setup. Standing does not sound like much work, but if your body is used to sitting for most of the day, standing too much too fast will put a strain on your body. Use a mat if you have any concern about pain or discomfort from standing and make sure to shift your weight around, not putting all the pressure on one foot. A gel mat will help relieve stress on your knees, hips and ankles. While it is important to stand more often, make sure you are getting your work done. Stand up desks can be a little distracting when you first make the change, so use your sitting time when you need that extra concentration to get the work done. Though the Sit to Stand Desk can be a little distracting at first, you’ll adjust and learn to refocus with time. Another good tip is to keep your set up comfortable. Keep the screen 15-30 inches from your eyes, with eye level even, or slightly below the screen. This will keep your posture correct and help avoid any neck or eye pain. Keep your wrists flat and elbows at a 90-degree angle. If you feel any part of your body straining, you need to make adjustments to find the most comfortable position for you. If you want to make this change we have a range of different Sit to Stand Desks available. We can get Straight and L-Shape Desks with electronic button adjustments, or a pneumatic lever adjustment. If you aren’t wanting to replace your entire desk we also have desk risers that you place on top of your standard desk and use them to switch from seated to standing. One small change in your workplace can make a world of difference for your personal health and wellbeing. Let us help you make that change.