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News - What is our Passion?

What is our passion? You hear all the time when someone is starting a small business, that they did so because it was their passion. It was something that they loved to do, so they found a way to do it full time, and for a profit. It is understandably hard for people to see how the office furniture business is something to get excited about, to be passionate about. How could we be passionate about office furniture? Well the truth is we just like office furniture... it’s not our passion, our passion is our customers. Every single day we get to help our customers with their dreams. Every day in America there are small businesses being started by regular, everyday people. Good, hardworking, intelligent Americans that decided to follow their dreams and go at it on their own. People are chasing their dreams of doing what they love and working for themselves and we get to help equip them for success. Without the proper equipment and tools, you cannot run a business or do what needs to get done. We supply our customers with the furniture that will work best for what they do and how they do it. We don’t just look at your office as your place of work, we look at it as a home away from home. Most people spend 40+ hours a week at their workplace, so it should be somewhere you love to work, not a place you dread going to each morning. If you love where you work it will make doing that work a whole lot more enjoyable. We equip our customers with what they specifically need to be successful, every office and business are not the same, and we absolutely understand that. Whether it is a reception desk to greet clients at the front, guest chairs to pitch future clients, or dry erase boards to stay organized, we have it all and we provide it at the best price in town. Let us worry about your office set up so that you can focus on doing what you love. Starting a business can be very stressful and overwhelming, work with our team so we can take the stress of your office set up off your shoulders. Working with us can save you major headaches and missteps, we can tell you what furniture will work best for your office, and your business. Come by Sams Office Furniture and allow us to furnish your office, we go above and beyond so that our customers are in the best position to be successful. Our Business, is furnishing your Business.

Larry Dawson